We were determined to make a difference and we believe we can....
This was the motto with which we started Penfreak. 

What started off as a forum for writing articles on recent affairs, thoughtful opinions and varied interests of medicos has now evolved into a site offering a plethora of knowledgeable yet lucidly written content. 

We here at Penfreak have tried hard and will continue to do so to be a worthy website which caters to the diverse taste of the masses. 

And at the centrestage of all of it is you, the Contributor. We believe everyone has something different and amazing to offer. Do contribute whatever you believe in at Your contributions may be anything, ranging from articles, poems, sketches to any form of write ups. Creativity is ever welcome. And if you have any suggestions do drop in a message.

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More power to you. May the pen of revolution begin....

From the Admins desk