Sunday 29 October 2017

The Road and the Lilacs

-Manaswi Dutta.

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The bars stood blatantly on her face,
The shadows on her frock, were longer than ever
Reaching upto the hem.
She passed her fingers over the lace,
The ring on it, of silver though, left her dazed.

এটি বেদনাৰ স্বৰগম !!!

 "অ' বৰষা ৰাণী"

           ধৰাৰ জীৱন তটিনী;

 আমাক নিঠৰুৱা কৰি 

             ক'ত হেৰাই গ'লি!!!  চিৰালফটা পথাৰৰশুষ্ক ভূমিত

The writer's curse

-Namrata Nath.

Writers are dangerous creatures
For they will draw pictures with words
And use them so well
That the silent garden of your mind
Will look like a mountain in spring

Friday 27 October 2017

From a Mother

'Digital India' they dream. 
'Mann ki Baat’ they speak. 
But for me, these are faraway tales,
Here, everything is slow- fermented and stale.

The eye with billions of dreams, itself lost in darkness.

-Sukanaya Kalita.

But whose sight brings brightness to this world....
That drop of tear which removes thirst of the tiny mouths....
Oh yes, its MOM's eye...

A day of Summer.

Let the beauty inside you brighten the darkest of night.

The Voyager

Painting by- Joana Kruse

And i want to travel into the lands,
Just to find the soul behind this skin....
Trodding into the woods,
I want to search my heart's long lost kin....
The world thinks i'm strong,
Enough to stand firm against the storm.

Thursday 26 October 2017

Beautiful Liars

Namrata Nath.

I scrawled on a paper today
Without any intention to write
I scrawled until none of it made sense
A mess as furious as my mind
I let my ink speak
What my mind sounded like
And for the first time,


-Shahina Ahmed

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অস্তগামী সূৰুযৰ দৰেই
নিশেঃষ হৈ যাব ধৰিছিল হৃদয়ৰ ৰং
বিষাদৰ ডাৱৰৰ অাৰত,
নিস্তেজ হৈ পৰিছিল 
জীৱনৰ জোনাকী পোহৰ;
হেৰুৱাই পেলাইছে যেন চিনাকী বাট....।

Wednesday 25 October 2017

The Sishya (student) seeking blessing from their Guru(teacher)

To Serenity and Hope

দীপাৱলীৰ নিশা এটি হাড়গিলাৰ উচুপনি

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আজিও মই নিশ্চিন্তমনে চৰি আছিলোঁ
সেই মতলীয়া বতাহ জাকৰ সৈতে
খেলি আছিলোঁ
এই পৃথিৱীত মই কম স‌‌ঙ্খ্যকতহে আছোঁ   
আৰু দুঠেঙীয়াবোৰে যে মোক মৰম কৰে
তাকে ভাবি উৎফুল্লিত হৈ আছিলোঁ
হঠাৎ যেন  কিবা বিচ্ছিন্নতা ঘটিল
আজিৰ ছবি অন্য দিনৰ দৰে নহ'ল

Tuesday 24 October 2017


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I watch you laugh,your eyes sparkling with vivid glee,
I watch you smile,the quirk of your lips lighting the sea;
And yet my heart thunders harshly anew,
For the icy veil would descend blood and sinew.
You march about,the head held high,

"Dr. Bhupen Hazarika- The Bard Of Brahmaputra"

-Sumana Sarma

A singer, lyricist,musician,poet and film-maker... The Sudhakanta needs no introduction!!!


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Poesy that waned with time
Much like Latin.
The bard, a lost ball in the weeds
For people seek the merry.

Sings he, reminiscing
One gold of a time
When words stirred souls
His wit, another arrow in the quiver

Monday 23 October 2017


-Dibyoraj Dutta

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As the grey mountains
Devours the sun
And the silver moon
Smiles a silvery smile,
A silhoutte rises in the silver woods
And silver gloom surrounds the mile.

From the eyes of a wallflower

-Naba Raj Chetri.

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He comes from a town, where most people frown.
 Of people who don't know on which side of life's road they are on.
An internal compass in the psyche attracts them to the city. 
Here life has lost all it's gear, the soil is red- stained with blood or pan, who knows

Devasena - Feminine but Strong


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Encased in a fluid filled sac,
Tossing and turning,
Floating and kicking,
Drinking my own wee wee,
Its been nine months now.

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening


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The journey from the dark
Into the daybreak,
Is the most enthralling one
You may ever take.

Sunday 22 October 2017

"Do not gentle into that good night, rage rage against the dying light"


Himakshi Boro

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She was the star that fell from the sky
When the clouds seemed to be warm and dry, 
Now she is lost amongst the sand, 
And knows none from this distant land.

Saturday 21 October 2017


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The monsters were back. She tried to outrun them, but failed miserably. 

They hit her with their weapons; down she fell, right on the grassy corridor.

She cried for help, but there was no one around. The monsters grinned. Their big, fat hands touched every corner of her bare body. She could smell the sweat; the look in their eyes made her shiver with fear.

Through the hazy glass, i see

And the air carolled with glee, when she blossomed from her sanctuary...

- Nuruddin Md. Iqbal


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খোলা খিৰিকীখনেৰে 
ৰূপোৱালী জোনাকবোৰ
থোপে থোপে সোমাইছে;
শালি ধানৰ পথাৰ খনত
এটি দুটি জোনাকী পৰুৱাই

এটা অকবিতা

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হৃদয়ৰ কোনো এক নিভৃত কোণত আছিলা তুমি 
প্ৰাণ পাই উঠিছিল কিছুমান উষ্ণ অনুভূতিয়ে, কিছুমান বাস্তবিত হব নোৱাৰা সপোনে 
মানসপটত দৃশ্যায়িত কৰিব খুজিছিলো সেই কুমলীয়া সপোনৰ কলিটি

Friday 20 October 2017


Jyoti Prasad Bhattacharya

দুহেজাৰটকীয়া এখনৰ দৰে 
জিলিকি থাকে তাৰ অভিমান....;
ফুটপাথৰ দাঁতিত ভুকা কুকুৰটোৱে 
তাক দেখি নেজ নোমায়..!

এমুঠি জোনাক

Kaveri Gangotri

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জীৱন অমানিশাৰ সিক্ত গধূলি
হেৰাই গৈছে দুপৰৰ
 ৰ'দালি !
প্ৰত্যাঽবানৰ আঘাতত স্তব্ধ
 সপোনৰ  সমীৰ   জাকি ,
বিচাৰিছো মাথো নিয়ঁৰৰ 
সিক্ত   দলিচাখনি  ,
য'ত আছে আশাৰ
আলসুৱা নিজৰাটি।

And Then There Shall Be None

Suchismita Kalita

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Like the fallen leaves after a harsh wind, 

Or the silence after a wild night's storm,
An odd calm shall prevail after all is done. 

The streets will lay empty, for no feet will dare tread on them,

And parks will cease to echo with a child's innocent laughter.. 

Men and their Wars, listless many of them... 

Wings to show you what you can become... Roots to remind you where you're from

-Nuruddin Md. Iqbal

Padmanath Gohain Baruah

Rasaraj Laxminath Bezbaruah - The Great Assamese Writer

নিশাৰ ৰহস্য

- শ্ৰুতিলেখা দেৱী

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নিশাটিয়ে কঢ়িয়াই আনে বহু স্মৃতি।
জোনাকী পৰুৱাৰে প্ৰথম চিনাকি,
পপীয়া তৰাৰ দৌৰ,
জিলিৰ অহৰহ চিঞৰ।
কোনোবাদিনা ফটফটিয়া শীতল আভা,
আনদিনাখন ঘিটমিটিয়া আন্ধাৰ।

Thursday 19 October 2017


-Kritartha Kashyap

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An uncanny voice from deep within
Yes, i could feel the heartbeats skip. 
Liberated or trapped -- I tried to comprehend. 
The greenery of my heart wilted.  
A blink, and the demise of a beautiful dream!
Much to think, but,

মৃত‍্যু কি?

- শ্ৰুতিলেখা দেৱী

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এক শিল্প, নে এটি কলা?
জীৱনৰ ভগ্নাৱশেষ মৃত‍্যু;
নে জীৱনৰ নতুন আৰম্ভণি মৃত‍্যু?
নে আলসুৱা শুকুলা মেঘে আৱৰি থকা সেই
পূৰ্ণিমাৰ জোনটো মৃত‍্যু?


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And if you ever happen to pass through the woods on a full moon night 
Alone and wandering like a vagabond 
Beware! O traveler... 
Don't get carried away by the haunting melody floating from the river side...... 
The virgin moon often plays tricks with you 
Shining down its light on those captivating eyes

এটা নষ্ট ল'ৰাৰ স্বীকাৰোক্তি

- Abinash Kalita

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জোনাক নিশা নিজান কোঠাত
নীৰৱতাৰ লগত আলাপ কৰি
উভতি চাইছোঁ‌ এবাৰ অতীতক
য'ত দেখিছো মাথোঁ‌ এৰি অহা
অতীতৰ সোণালী মধুময় মূহুৰ্তবোৰ ।

Wednesday 18 October 2017


Suman Chetry

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Deepawali or The festival of lights is indeed a very beautiful festival.
With Lights! Lights! Lights! All around, this festival is unique in its own. And the way , I (or any gorkhali ) celebrate this festival called TIHAR is something different from the mainstream diwali.


Monoshwita Medhi

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Truth be told I saw it coming,
when you turned your face away.
Jealousy ruins a living craved from love,
I'll admit for honesty's sake.

Frozen Patience

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Summer is long gone; winter has laid its wings out 
The frosty wind turns me sore; yet you're nowhere to be found 
The frozen snow reminds me of promises that were made 
Only to be crushed by lies that were never said 

এটা বগা ৰঙৰ প্ৰশ্ন

Jyoti Prasad Bhattacharya

জেচমিন জানা.....
ডিঙি ফালি কান্দিলেও আজিকালি মোৰ চকুপানী নোলায়..!

চিগাৰেট খাওঁ.... হয় তোমাক পাহৰিব খাওঁ!
আমি যে আগত চাহ খোৱা সেই চাৰিআলিৰ দোকানটো
তাত  সদায় বহি আড্ডা দিওঁ
কিন্তু চাল্লা...
তোমাৰ প্ৰেমৰ দৰে চিগাৰেট ডাল ও সদায় মোক জ্বলাই  ভাল পায়!!


- প্ৰজ্ঞান জ্যোতি ভৰদ্বাজ 

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আই লখিমী !
কিদৰে আদৰো তোক আজি...
তেজক পানী কৰি সপোন সিঁচা পথাৰখনত
কবলৈ কেৱল বোকা আৰু বালি হে ৰৈছেগৈ
ধাননিডৰা ঠন ধৰি উঠিব নেপাওঁতেই
তিনি বানে মোহাৰি মাৰিলে অ' আই !