Thursday 19 October 2017


Pic for Representation purpose

And if you ever happen to pass through the woods on a full moon night 
Alone and wandering like a vagabond 
Beware! O traveler... 
Don't get carried away by the haunting melody floating from the river side...... 
The virgin moon often plays tricks with you 
Shining down its light on those captivating eyes
That can lure you to drown yourself 
In the sea of false desires... 
Beware! O traveler, don't fall for those luscious lips 
Those which are covered with the blood of those ill-fated men
Don't let that sweet moan of longing deceive you 
Shrouding you with a false aura of love... 
A figure in white, of mystery and light 
Floating with the waves in the meads
Dancing like a silhouette 
And running like a breeze... 
Hear this old man's plea
Don't go drifting with the wind 
Beware! O traveler, on nights like these 
For femme fatale is what is she...... 

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