Wednesday, 21 February 2018

The Tales Behind Some of the Best Poems in English Literature

-Anindya Bikas Dutta.

Here are seven famous poems of English literature and the story behind the penning of each of them
1. To Autumn (John Keats)

Considered one of the most beautiful poems of English literature, this poem was inspired by a walk near Winchester along the River Itchen back in the year 1819. The poem reflects the despair looming over Keats' life- financial upheavals, declining health, personal responsibilities and above all- his inability to continue any longer with poems, especially Hyperion and start working on lucrative topics.
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Friday, 2 February 2018

Forever Yours

Wednesday, 17 January 2018


Pic Credit- Anwesha Saha.

I stutter, I stumble;
On some days, I sway along the breeze of your presence.
I sink in, I'm stifled;
At times I gulp down my own existence.


I speak of him
In silent whispers
Of broken words 
In a forgotten tongue

Monday, 15 January 2018

"The seas may be rough,but I am the Captain! No matter how difficult,I will prevail."-Jack Sparrow.


-Indrani Das.


I pressed my shirt
And buckled my shoe,
Tidied my tie
All set to sway.
She smiled at me,
Her lips beaming as she said,

Going Back Home

pic source-

I woke up this morning,
To the sound of nothingness
And darkness engulfs me
I debate
'To wake or not to wake'

Yesterday when you left 
Shattered the very ground beneath my feet
Left a woman bereft of an identity,
Your last name.
I wonder now,
What should my initials bear?

Sunday, 14 January 2018

ৰীত (n, Estonian - Pearl)

ৰীত -
কুঁৱলিসনা শীতৰ উমাল ৰ'দত জিলিকি ৰোৱা 
এটোপাল নিয়ৰৰ মুকুতা ৰীত ..

ৰীত -
শীতল জোনাকত প্ৰাণ পাই হাঁহি উঠা 
শৰতৰ এপাহি সেমেকা শেৱালি ৰীত..


-Anwesha Saha.

Have you ever tried to walk into that part of her
Where smiles don’t reach 
And from where tears don’t fall?
That corner where strangers are remembered,
Kindness is treasured 
And broken pieces are painfully gathered? 

"Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. I am Iron Man"