Friday 9 November 2018


By - Sampriti Gogoi

(Lapidation or stoning to death is a vile form of capital punishment in the Middle East. Though its nothing compared to the enigma associated with the act, the poetess has tried to portray the victim's perspective of the event.)

Eyes concealing clandestine poignant
anxieties hidden behind my nikab you saw;
When the solitious gazes of those perturbed eyes was all I saw.

Honour killings being those last ultimatums you saw,
When forlone promises of liberation was all I saw;
When the Devil reaps off his dues off my limp body at night,
spurning bleeding blisters and sores all,
vague dreams of you was all I saw.

"Why did I fall in love with you if I was never to marry you?" You questioned.
But throughout my living years my own existence was all I questioned.

When exiled off autocnathous,
affixed to a mayhem of long pious drama,
beyond the trauma of a haemorrhagic death,
your safety was all I rejoiced for.

Sentenced for debauchery,
burried waist- deep when they hurled infinite stones at me
-a husband,a brother and a father too rejoiced,
the vicious smirks on their blood hungry faces you never saw.

Bleeding to death,
my body manifesting indelible torments you never saw.
My abandoned body crumbled and dumped by the shore you never saw.

Years later, attending my entombment you cried,
but the pitiable remains it held of a body feasted on by dogs you never saw.
My seized love I am glad you never did.

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