Saturday, 27 October 2018

The Arnab Agenda (a tête-à-tête with Arnab Goswami)

Arnab Goswami - the man with the black rimmed specs, jet black hair and a black coat. Hailing from a high-end political family in Assam, the man has single handedly revolutionised the media to a form of journalism in which the news anchor wasn't just a silent spectator to the ongoing debates, but was one of the panel, with an opinion to which he clung as he grilled his guests, exposing their hypocrisy. And as his voice roared with "the nation wants to know", he resonated with the vibes of the common man.

What does Arnab has to say about himself, being a man who took the whole nation by a storm? What is the Arnab agenda? Yes, the nation indeed wants to know!

Thursday, 25 October 2018

She's Beautiful

By - Anmol Chandak

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She doesn't have a perfectly crafted body,
Nor does she have brilliant looks;
Her hair is not always neatly made,
She's mostly engrossed in books.

Fashion is not her cup of tea,
But she's got her own style;
"Comfort is what matters to me the most",
Says she with a gentle smile.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Best Durga Puja Pandals across Assam this 2018

The Durga Puja marathon just came to an end!

2018 has witnessed multiple pandals that have adhered to elaborate and innovative themes - both traditional and contemporary in their own rights.

Hold your horses. Team penfreak brings to you the most attention grabbing pandals across the state, from Bongaigaon and Mangaldai to Tinsukia and Dibrugarh, and from Silchar and Guwahati to Nagaon and Tezpur, and also covering the towns of Jorhat and Sivsagar.

1. Bangaigaon

The commerical hub of Assam had much to offer this autumn. With themes so innovative, the town, no doubt, had to be one's top pick for pandal hopping.

Auf Weidersehen

By - Manaswi Dutta

(All characters and names are fictional)

This is medieval age poetry.  Set in the old German period, it depicts a soliloquy in two different time frames. 


(The lady is a new recruit to the Battle ship 'Ehre'. Her father is the captain. She believes in omens and has premonitions.  Her comrades call these things 'strange'. 

She liked one Roemho. It appears they had romantic interests. Yet he didn't share all secrets with her. He seemed to be the only person to believe her. 

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Top 5 Durga Puja Pandals in Dibrugarh this 2018

Picture credit - Suruj Jyoti Dutta

Compiled by Dibyaraj Dutta

(Special thanks to: Nidarshan KashyapAjay Das, Naba Raj Chetri)

Happy Durga Puja, people.

After our Top Durga Puja Pandals in Guwahati this 2018 compilation, team penfreak presents a compilation of the Top 5 Durga Puja Pandals from Dibrugarh this 2018.

Have you been to all of them?

1. Marwari Patty

The buzzing bee, the giant flower and the twinkles of greenary all around - this pandal is definitely at par with those from Kolkata. This has gotta be our top pick for the best puja pandal in Assam this year.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Top 8 Puja Pandals in Guwahati this 2018

By - Pratap K Das

"Dhaker Taale Komor Dole,
Khusite Nache Mon,
Aj Baja Kasor Jama Asor,
Thakbe Ma Ar Katakhan..."

Its festive season! Bolo Bolo Durga Maa ki Joy! Durga Pujo or Navratri holds different values and traditions for various communities; but one thing that remains constant is that it's synonymous with shopping, pandal hopping and doi-mishti with gorom gorom jilaapis.

Guwahati has always been a hotbed for Puja celebrations year in and out. We took a ride out on the night of Maha Saptami (as we did last year) around the city and we present to you our top picks for this year’s Puja. This is our 3rd installment in making a 'Top Puja Pandals around Guwahati' list. Make sure to visit as many of them as you can this time round.

1. Lakhi Mandir, Beltola

Monday, 8 October 2018

Venom: the new anti-hero in the town

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It's almost autumn, and with the marvel cinematic universe launching some great hits this year, the recent spider-man spin-off venom just filled a gap that was present amidst the next marvel movies that are to come.

Starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, this dynamic and talented actor has outdone himself yet again.

Sunday, 7 October 2018


অভিজিত বৰা

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পাৰাপাৰহীন মহাসমুদ্ৰৰ এক প্ৰান্তত
          নীলিম শূন্যতাৰ আৱৰণৰ মাজত,
প্ৰজ্ঞাৰ শলিতা জ্বলাই দূৰ কৰাৰ হাবিয়াস
          অন্তৰৰ দাবানলময়ী ক্ষুধা।

শান্তিহীনতাৰ পাৰিপৰ্শ্বিকতাৰ হেন্দোলনিৰ মাজত
          আক্ষেপ কৰি ৰৈছে নিৰ্জনতাই ;

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Artificial intelligence - what next?

Image source: Google
AI or artificial intelligence is perhaps one of the most heavily researched areas of modern day science. With the tremendous amount of promise it presents, coupled with the ambiguity of the very idea of AI, it is something that both exhilarates and daunts people all around the globe.

Scientific works on AI have been going on for more than half a century now. The term was coined by J McCarthy in 1955. According to McCarthy, every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence could, in principle, be so precisely described that a machine  could

"Humanity is a lot like me, it's an ageing movie star grappling with all the newness, wondering whether she got it right" - 'Badshah' Shah Rukh Khan

Fanart by - Imran Khan

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

The girl, the monster and some questions unanswered

By - Namrata Sabhapandit

Image source: google

A smashing sound disturbed Hina's ears while she was studying Moseley's modern periodic law. She quickly closed her Chemistry book and went out of her study room to take a look what's happening outside. To her surprise, she saw her loving mother lying on the floor along with a stream of tear drops and the 53 years old monster standing in rage and trying to hit her again.