Wednesday 3 October 2018

The girl, the monster and some questions unanswered

By - Namrata Sabhapandit

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A smashing sound disturbed Hina's ears while she was studying Moseley's modern periodic law. She quickly closed her Chemistry book and went out of her study room to take a look what's happening outside. To her surprise, she saw her loving mother lying on the floor along with a stream of tear drops and the 53 years old monster standing in rage and trying to hit her again.
Hina yelled at that monster, asking why he was doing that. He didn't reply and went out of the room pushing his 16 old daughter.

It wasn't the 1st time she saw this; it had happened many times before. That monster picked up his car key and departed. Hina stood numb, near the door and thought, "What more pleasure does he want in this age? My mom has grown old now and she may not have the capacity to fulfil her husband's hunger for sex! Is that the reason he hits her every alternate day?

"Is 'sex' the only way to maintain a happy marriage? Then why do people say that understanding, trust etc. are the ways to lead a happy married life? Why people say that 'love' is the secret of happy marriage when 'sex' is all they need? Is 'sex' the meaning of 'love'?

"Why does a man marry a woman taking so many vows when his hunger for sex doesn't end only with one woman? 

"Why can't a man be happy with his wife and children in his mid-age? Doesn't a man/woman think of their children while lying in the bed with someone else? Don't they know what will be its impact on their growing children? Don't they know this 'adultery' shatters the faith of their children in marriage and they fear to marry someone in future?

"Is this a psychological effect at a certain age that a person becomes 'adulterous'? Then why is the word still 'marriage' existing when at some point of life one is going to destroy the faith of his/her spouse?"


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