Thursday 25 October 2018

She's Beautiful

By - Anmol Chandak

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She doesn't have a perfectly crafted body,
Nor does she have brilliant looks;
Her hair is not always neatly made,
She's mostly engrossed in books.

Fashion is not her cup of tea,
But she's got her own style;
"Comfort is what matters to me the most",
Says she with a gentle smile.

She might not be the best amongst all,
But she feels the best in her own skin;
A myriad of colourful hues she possesses,
Just perfect for the life she has signed in.

A beautiful mind, full of positive thoughts,
Thinking to make this world a better place;
An even wonderful heart concealed deep within,
Much more beautiful than the prettiest girl's face!

Her eyes lack kohl, they are so full of dreams,
Every time she speaks, they sparkle brighter than moon beams.
Her face reflects her inner calm, her unparalleled peace,
She makes 'everybody' feel like a 'somebody' with so much ease!

Her hands are always ready to be lent for help,
To the poor, needy and the ones without hope,
Sure they aren't skinny and model-like pretty,
But the words they scribble give enough sunshine to cope.

Her heart, truly the prettiest of them all,
Brimming with love, affection and care;
Kindling smiles on every individual's face,
By giving the world her happiness' share.

She's the one who finds beauty in the tiniest possible things,
To every individual she is dutiful,
Adding her spark in her own little ways,
Wouldn't you, too, call her beautiful?

(The poetess is a 1st year MBBS student from Gauhati Medical College, Assam)

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