Tuesday 16 October 2018

Top 8 Puja Pandals in Guwahati this 2018

By - Pratap K Das

"Dhaker Taale Komor Dole,
Khusite Nache Mon,
Aj Baja Kasor Jama Asor,
Thakbe Ma Ar Katakhan..."

Its festive season! Bolo Bolo Durga Maa ki Joy! Durga Pujo or Navratri holds different values and traditions for various communities; but one thing that remains constant is that it's synonymous with shopping, pandal hopping and doi-mishti with gorom gorom jilaapis.

Guwahati has always been a hotbed for Puja celebrations year in and out. We took a ride out on the night of Maha Saptami (as we did last year) around the city and we present to you our top picks for this year’s Puja. This is our 3rd installment in making a 'Top Puja Pandals around Guwahati' list. Make sure to visit as many of them as you can this time round.

1. Lakhi Mandir, Beltola

This is our top pick for this year. The sheer magnitude of the pandal is impressive. It stands tall in all its glory and grandeur. To top it off, the interior decorations are a delight. And the pratima has a calming presence in the backdrop of a serene natural setting. Also lakhi mandir has traditionally catered to the kids. The chimp will keep your kids entertained. People, do check this puja out.

2. Rest Camp Kalibari, Pandu

The Rest Camp Puja is an evergreen hit. Puja for Guwahatians is incomplete if you haven't visited here. This time too honoring it's reputation, the pandal looks stunning and is a spectator's delight. The pratima is gorgeous and the dhaaker taal will keep you hooked.

3. Sluice Gate, Shantipur

Carrying on its rich legacy forward, this year too Sluice Gate puja committee has come up with a new thought. The pandal walls display many thought-provoking paintings which would linger in your minds for their amazing detailing and precision.

4. Bishnupur High School, Bishnupur

This puja has always enthralled visitors for it's theme-based pujas. This time, it's centered on the theme of Bharat Mata and the freedom struggle. The cave-like interiors depict the Indian freedom struggle and is a tribute to many of our forgotten heroes. Do check it out.

5. Athgaon, below the flyover

Number 1 pratima recommendation from us. Durga Maa draped in a beautiful ghagra-choli would surely get you mesmerized. Do keep this on your list people.

6. Nayantara Club Puja

The Nayantara Club puja has been known for its lighting. Keeping in line with tradition the lighting is spectacular and is complemented by a lights and sound show.

7. Geetanagar Field puja

The Geetanagar field puja has been recieving a lot of attention. This time too it's got enough to keep you interested. Shutterbugs won't be disappointed.

8. Latasil Khel Pothar Puja

Set in the spacious Latasil ground, this puja pandal has been attracting fair amount of people for it's central location in town. The pratima here looks pretty.


Railway Colony Puja, Bamunaidan

Bhootnath Puja

So these were our top picks in this year’s Puja. We may have missed some of the Pujas which could have easily made it to the list.

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment and share your views.

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