Thursday 29 November 2018

All about writing!

Poem by - Anmol Chandak

What is writing?

A hobby for some, pastime for the rest,
For a few, it's the thing they do the best;
It's their life for some, passion for many,
And the best mode of expression, if any.

For me, it's a mode of travelling in time,
In a sheet of paper, I sublime.
It's where I lose myself and find myself too,
I am very sure this also happens with you.

I lament over my past and write it down,
With a pen, I sketch my frown.
About the future, I imagine a lot,
In my words, my tomorrow too gets caught.

My mind is chaotic, full of turmoil and noise,
In my writes, I just paint this inner voice.
Paper is better, and a lot more patient too,
It understands me far better than people do.

So, with this thought, I continue scribbling as I can,
One word leads to another, no rhythm, no plan.
Thank you paper, for understanding me as you do,
Sometimes, I wish, people were papers too.

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