Friday 27 October 2017

From a Mother

'Digital India' they dream. 
'Mann ki Baat’ they speak. 
But for me, these are faraway tales,
Here, everything is slow- fermented and stale.

Under the shadow of your ignorance,
I live. Under the veil of your vested interests,
I die. A mere burden, my existence,
Crushed and trampled under the weight of your arrogance. 

I have nothing to do with IITs and IIMs.
Nor with AIIMS and its gems. 
I lived from day to day, worried from night to night.
Prayed for a square meal, honestly, my only fright. 

But today I have nothing left to fear, 
Nothing left to lose, nothing I hold dear.
For my little one could breathe only for eleven years,
As hunger gripped her, and took her away from here.

Today, I can’t even  shed tears.

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