Friday 20 October 2017

And Then There Shall Be None

Suchismita Kalita

Pic for Representation purpose

Like the fallen leaves after a harsh wind, 

Or the silence after a wild night's storm,
An odd calm shall prevail after all is done. 

The streets will lay empty, for no feet will dare tread on them,

And parks will cease to echo with a child's innocent laughter.. 

Men and their Wars, listless many of them... 

The mind questions - 

All of these.. But what for? 

Isn't it so.. From dust we rise, 

And to dust we shall all return.. 

All of these then,  what for? 

For when all is done, 

The sun shall still rise for a new day. 

And the birds shall still sing, come what may. 

The winds will gently blow..

But oh, to witness it all, 

Then There Shall Be None ..  ~

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