Monday 23 October 2017

From the eyes of a wallflower

-Naba Raj Chetri.

Pic for Representation purpose

He comes from a town, where most people frown.
 Of people who don't know on which side of life's road they are on.
An internal compass in the psyche attracts them to the city. 
Here life has lost all it's gear, the soil is red- stained with blood or pan, who knows

An education that made him believe that a seat is all he needs,
Ace your boards, your test, life is all a big fat race. 
Make my son a doctor/engineer the parents pray.
Ever asked the child what he has to say?

A world he lives in,
Of people who wake up to decide his choices in love. 
"Sec 377" he says " is your freedom of choice taken away"
Wish people would stand peacefully under the radiance of the sun,
To reach out to the person next, to accept them as they best are. 

In a world of hate n religious debate.
He goes to Zafar's house to have his favourite sewai each Id.
N calls Zafar to devour the mithais in Deepaavali.
Guess the central message of brotherhood was got only by them. 

In the world of humans, where two sexes unite. 
To form a beautiful life.
In the family of two sons, he missed not having a sister each Rakhi. 
Little does he know that lil Lakshmi was sent from the womb to the Tomb.

But life isn't fair he has always known 
The world is not over yet, we got chances to place our bets. 
If not today the soul will leave you tomorrow
Everyone dies but  not everybody lives.

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