Monday 23 October 2017


-Dibyoraj Dutta

Pic for Representation purpose

As the grey mountains
Devours the sun
And the silver moon
Smiles a silvery smile,
A silhoutte rises in the silver woods
And silver gloom surrounds the mile.

Darker then the darkest night,
Sabers for teeth,
For nails - daggers white!
Draped in drab cloaks-
All grey, pale, dull,
And crowns made of claws of a kite.

They dance among the dreary meadows
By the stony river-side,
Where stands the dark graves
Of the deceased silver-knights.

A maiden fair -
Passes by the woods,
The smell of her blonde locks -
Lingering in the air;
Reaches the noseless noses of the ghostlings
As they gather to pounce on her...

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