Sunday 29 October 2017

The Road and the Lilacs

-Manaswi Dutta.

Pic for Representation purpose

The bars stood blatantly on her face,
The shadows on her frock, were longer than ever
Reaching upto the hem.
She passed her fingers over the lace,
The ring on it, of silver though, left her dazed.

The greens beyond and the road trodden
The walls within and the chair broken
Yet, enough to carry her lean soul
Fading hopes for a returning hero.

"I'll bring the lilacs again", he had assured,
the evening he returned from the Dale;all crumbled
Even before he was cured
He was summoned.

The grass was green then
Now it's yellow
The vines twined upto those bars
Yet, the road didn't receive those familiar footsteps

News arrived, agony reverberated
But where were his lilacs?

She sat there, on and long
The chair creaked sometimes, maybe admonished her
To break that never ending silence
Inanimate, though it knows
Everything you desire, can't be reached!

The sky had dots now.
Stars? But they didn't shine
Neither did her ring

Maybe he's up there in the stars dear!!

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