Thursday 19 October 2017


-Kritartha Kashyap

Pic for Representation purpose

An uncanny voice from deep within
Yes, i could feel the heartbeats skip. 
Liberated or trapped -- I tried to comprehend. 
The greenery of my heart wilted.  
A blink, and the demise of a beautiful dream!
Much to think, but,
My mind denies to question, 
And my heart refuses to answer, 
And i fear to accept--- 
The truth, to see the darkest picture
Of someone so dear, so near !!
Each day i have to fight another battle--
A ghastly noose tightening around my neck, 
Squeezing out every drop of blood, 
Left in my frail body. 
And now that the cuts are new, 
Wounds still fresh, 
You must be wondering how long it will take, 
Before you can start afresh. 
I won't cover it up,,, no ---
Because nothing would last that long;
Not to deny the pain, 
When you decide to pull it off. 
I know, nothing will make it different, 
Even if we were to recite the gospel truth, 
Thou shall beam at the swansong as we concur;
For thou shall be thou and i shall be i. 
This too, i know, will go away, 
Merged with the skin, 
Merged with the skin and making me strong. 
And still here i am lamenting, 
At the funeral of an unfulfilled dream, 
With the same thought time and again, 
Had reality been different...... 
Had life been different !!
I know, you must be wondering,, 
Of how fleeting my mind is... 
For i don't dwell anymore amongst the masks... 
For my wings have taken me to a place, 
High above, where you can never reach, 
Where i savour my freedom, 
And let myself gladly into a private utopia!
For i dwell... 
In the realm of unpredictability.

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