Saturday 21 October 2017


Pic for Representation purpose

The monsters were back. She tried to outrun them, but failed miserably. 

They hit her with their weapons; down she fell, right on the grassy corridor.

She cried for help, but there was no one around. The monsters grinned. Their big, fat hands touched every corner of her bare body. She could smell the sweat; the look in their eyes made her shiver with fear.

"Leave her alone", someone shouted from a distance. The monsters were frightened. Leaving her fragile body on the ground, they fast disappeared.


"Leave her alone", he shouted with all his might. It was the neighbourhood kids again. They had hit yet another bird with their catapults.

The poor bird lay over the green grass - it's wings broken; blood oozed out from a cut vein around its legs. 

" Poor fellow. You will be alright soon, I promise", the boy said. 

Thereafter, he picked up the crippled bird, gently placed it on his lap and left the place on his wheelchairs.

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