Friday 27 October 2017

The Voyager

Painting by- Joana Kruse

And i want to travel into the lands,
Just to find the soul behind this skin....
Trodding into the woods,
I want to search my heart's long lost kin....
The world thinks i'm strong,
Enough to stand firm against the storm.

But,for once, I want to feel weak,
Resigning myself under this helpless  lorn...
Oh, I'm fed up of showing emotions,
that i dont bore at heart ...
Superficial are people's smiles,
Ditching God's every endowed art...
Love, forgiveness,gratitude are now only words,
Hitting my ears hard as they aren't meant...
Using them we take it for granted,
Seldom are we concerned of the wounds to be mend.
I want to search myself in the core,
Settling for reality,this time, i won't stay the same.
My ship is getting into harsh waters,
But i would set my sails right before it's too late...
Raveena Sehra,
3rd sem,GMCH.

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