Saturday 10 October 2015

The Dark Alley!

- Snehal Deb.

A stroll by the rickety corner ,
Lets you gaze, wander and wonder,
All at the same time about how it is.
The poor illiterate folks and their lives,
Living as if under the patronage of god,
Or the master as you can imagine it.

Master is always available in such  chaos,
Landlord, Employer or money lender ,
Hearts of stone, melts with money.
Love, affection fails to visit this corner.
The smoke filled gully breathed once more today,
Nobody knows the challenges of  the next day.

Chaos is only thing that is constant here,
Water, food and life are associated with fear.
To them, Spontaneity of worse happenings are clear,
How well can we know them?
They don't know whether they will survive the day,
Let this roller coaster roll for us every day!

 At the end of the street is some light,
Candles and lamps burning in protests,
But does the light reach this dark alley,
Footprints of bygone candidates still remains,
The earmarked hand pump isn't yet functioning
Fake care, fake love, politics are alley's dirty stains. 

The stroll ended as I reached my home,
Throwing those emotions onto paper .
Trying to spread the compassion alone,
To the masses who read, then wonder.
Solutions to the menace unheard,
They just need peaceful life that isn't so tender.

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