Friday 18 September 2015

A lifespan to remember

- Naba Raj Chetri

A day comes in the life of all
When your hairs turn grey and teeth starts to fall
You look at life and question yourself
'Have i achieved it all'

The 1st day at school
Your parents drop you by
You don't agree to it and just cry
Your 1st friend at school
Punching others along with him was just so cool

School days passed
People changed, friends changed
Your life's projectile will find a new range
Yesteryears geek will turn supermodels,
models turn to boring piece
Rebellious attitude in you will grow
The rebellious teenage years will simply just flow

University years
The testing phase of your life
Bad manner creatures, outnumber the good ones
Life creates more ditches than that you have ever seen
There is a othe part of world also too be seen here
Bunking classes, parties will be call of the day
Missed childhood hapiness fulfilled here by all way

Job years
You will enter this phase eager for a new start
Value of money is known to you here
Money was never earlier so dear
Marriage, kids with your love one occurs
After every night out, a question session from her occurs
Life speeds by
Your kids grow big and high

After retirement
As you cry at your wife's deathbed
You will question yourself ' Have i had it all'
Be proud to reply
         'Yes, i have lived life kingsize        
          But i have lots to do
         And distances to travel before my demise'

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