Sunday 27 September 2015

The Pearly Princess

- Niyor Choudhury.

A mere twelve years to be introduced into this universe, still a newborn in momma’s eyes, 
An amateur in music and play, 
Was struck by a lightening on that cloudy day… 
Raindrops lashing against the window, 
A tall girls in plaids, vivid her appearance, dressed as a bright princess to my eyes 
Walked right up to the teacher and gave the newcomer’s speech 
Lost in a fairyland, I concentrated on her tone and not her words. 
For me it was a blur with just her mesmerising tune, 
My heart dancing like the rats to the piper's tune. 
My diligence was gifted at times by the misty vanilla perfume that she bestowed in the air 
Every time she passed by. 
And as it passed though my nasal mucosa, 
My mind automatically revised the class we had on law of diffusion. 
Couple of years together in just acute observation of that pearly angel, still 
 didn’t bring out that passionate speaker out of me. 
Each attempted time made the stammering stones go gurgling even more. 
But my systoles and diastoles never forgot to skip when she becomes apparent in my field of vision. 
Today overshadowed by senescence, on the verge of extinction 
Still that scent of misty vanilla lingers in my upper chamber again revising the class on law of 
Two persons walk by, a shadow hand in hand with me 
As I stagger down the road in the memory of that pearly princess.

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