Sunday 13 March 2016

The Quantum World

- Nuruddin Md. Iqbal.

The lone electron,
Uncertain of its position,
Roams restlessly outside an atom,
Up are some quarks,
Down are some others,
Some are bewildering charmers,
While many others are complete strangers,
And my friend never forget that,
Bottom quarks completes the count all together,
They have different colors,
They have different taste,
Bound by gluons they make
Protons and neutrons in nucleus,
Hugging in a haste,
That lone electron,
Now realises his demand,
Sees a vacancy in valence shell that commands.
Step in and get your identity,
Four numbers that decides your quantity,
Zestful electron progresses in,.
Looses some energy
Becomes non-fluctuating,
Clouded electron gives a heavy sigh,
But rejoices spotting nucleus' s nigh,
Arms of electromagnetism emerges,
Holds to put electron in proper ranges,
That naive electron thinks to find all brothers together,
But Pauli 's exclusion principle is that what matters,
Yes my friend it's a complex world,
That's what we call as the quantum world.

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