Tuesday 3 May 2016

Shades of a page

- Snehal Deb.

These shades of paper,
remind me of you all the time,
pretty folds and tinder curves,
gently, this pen I hold
too much pressure, it scars!
always reminds me of your mould.

There are grey amidst sea of white,
just as you might have thought of us.
views do not match, disagree we might
depressed were our souls, gloomy carcass
Tardy binding keeps me content, upright!
Not those torn edges, frivolous and crass.

There was a time when,
you were 'the one for me'.
Eyes blushed so often,
Bright smile, like this page wrinkle-free.
As I turn to the next, now and then
Mind echoes 'Move on', in a spree.

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