Tuesday 23 August 2016

10 Guwahatians : 10 heartbreaking true stories. Love stories that weren’t meant to be.

- Anonymous.

Getting over a break-up is a herculean task. Especially coz you had given your heart to the person and what remains now seems hollow, you start to miss yourself, you appear happy to others but you die on the inside, you always seek for that one-last effort to be together, remembering that one-last kiss, and that final goodbye. There is so much to say, but in the process of settling those tides of unresolved emotions, you just end up storing a lot of things at the back of your head. Letting that person go, with whom you had planned to live your life is always tough but once you cross the phase you live to tell your tales to other and believe us when we say "I don't believe in love" there is always a heart breaking story behind it. 
These 10 Guwahatians got together to tell each ones heart breaking story. (The name has been withheld by the compiler to maintain their privacy)

1) Coz love was there. 

2) To the best friend who never was one.

3) Because the heart understood late.

4) What hurts even more is that you would never know.

5) When bottling of emotions doesn't come easy, #just_friends.

6) Because the heart doesn't know to heal.

7) A memoir. 

8) Why would you do that?

9) Late realization, deeper pain.

10) Because leaving hurts.

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