Wednesday 17 August 2016

How to be an AIIMSonian: An AIIMS toppers perspective

Getting a seat in the premier institute of the nation has been the dream of every medical aspirant. Every year around 3 lakh student students take the entrance test fighting their way for the 672 seats (72in AIIMS Delhi) that the 7 AIIMS offer. Given the tough chances in the cracking the entrance, most coaching institute refrain from teaching students for the AIIMS entrance exam and there is a serious dearth of knowledge about the subject. Penfreak caught up with Lokesh Kumar, AIIMS rank 71, to get a glimpse about the toughest medical test. Here is an extract-

Q. How does it feel to study in India's Premier Medical Institute, AIIMS?
Lokesh: It feels great to be a part of AIIMS, Delhi. I am currently studying in 6th semester and these 3 years have been the best years of my life. I am happy that the two years of hardwork I had put in during +2, finally paid off!

Q. Did you take any coaching for AIIMS entrance exam?
Lokesh: Yes, I had taken coaching at Aakash Institute, Delhi. It does help a lot. It boasts of a gilt-edged faculty that prepares you for the fierce competition. Add to it the well-designed study material and test series, which makes you conceptually strong and keeps you updated.

Q. What is the pattern of AIIMS entrance exam?
Lokesh: It is an objective test consisting of 200 questions- 60 questions each of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (40 MCQs + 20 Assertion-Reason type) and 20 questions of General Knowledge. The duration of exam is 3.5 hours.

Q. How did you balance your studies for boards and medical entrance exams?
Lokesh: First of all, don't think boards and medical entrances are two separate things.Treat them as one unit, if u want to do good in both of them. When you study for entrance exams, most of the syllabus of board exams is already covered. You just need to give little input on some extra topic. So, focus on gaining knowledge rather than studying for any particular exam.

Q. How did you study? Did you follow a schedule?
Lokesh: Discipline is the key to success. It is important not to waste time. No, I did not follow a schedule as such, but went on with whatever schedule the coaching centre had set.

Q. How did you study during the last one month?
Lokesh: During the last one month, my aim was to revise the entire syllabus of Class 12, alongwith the biology syllabus of Class 11. I appeared for test series and revised those topics I wasn't confident of.

Q. What was your strategy while giving the exam?
Lokesh: My strategy was simple- to remain calm and composed and to give my best! One should read the questions carefully and take chances, if he/she is able to eliminate two options as there is one-third negative marking.

Q. What would be your advice to other aspirants?
Lokesh: Give your best and do not lose confidence. Confidence is the key to success!

- interviewed by Sidharth Sharma
- special thanks to Akshit Dhall

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