Wednesday 27 September 2017

10 Puja Pandals in Guwahati you must check out this year

“Roopam dehi, Jayam dehi, Yasho dehi, Dwisho jahi”
Its festive season!! Bolo Bolo Durga Maa ki Joy!  Durga Pujo or Navratri holds different values and traditions for various communities but one thing that remains constant is that its synonymous with shopping, pandal hopping and doi-mishti with gorom gorom jilaapis. Guwahati has always been a hotbed for Puja celebrations year in and out. We took a ride out on the night of MahaShasti  as we did last year around the city and we present to you our top picks for this year’s Pujo. Make sure to visit as many of them as you can this festive season.

2  1.   Rest Camp  Kalibari, Pandu

The rest camp puja is an evergreen hit. People from all round the town have this puja on the top of their wishlist. This time too the committee has come up with a humongous pandal which has the sheen of gold-cover from top to bottom. The pratima is gorgeous and you will be swoon in its beauty.

1 2.   Bishnupur High School, Bishnupur

The much awaited, much anticipated 100-feet high monument of Durga Maa steals the show this year. Bishnupur puja committee has come up every year with refreshing themes for the Pujo, and this year it took to a whole new level. It registered itself as the ‘World’s Tallest Bamboo sculpture’. It took nearly 5000 bamboo poles for its construction. The fact that the organizers and the construction team took it to completion despite the fact that the structure came down after a recent storm makes it even more hailworthy. You just can’t miss this.

3 3.       Sluice Gate, Shantipur
The puja here has garnered great attention in the last few years and the organizing committee haven’t let their guard down. This time the pandal has been themed on an old Haveli with a haunted backdrop. The ‘bronzed’  Pratima has a unique appeal.


4 4.       Athgaon, below the Fly-over
Carrying on from its last year success, the Puja samittee this time around decided to create a 3-D look to the pandal and accentutate it with an interplay of lights. Do try to check it out

5 5.       Latasil Khel Pothar
The pandal here is grand and overall atmosphere is lively. It’s a puja greeted by large hordes of people. The pandal exterior depicts a huge idol of our favourite Ganesha resting and the pratima is equally beautiful.


6 6.       Geetanagar field, Geetanagar
The pandal is grand and inside stands Durga Maa with her children. The Pratima looks unique and has a distinct aesthetic appeal. Lots of food stalls up this year round and the background music chants are really soothing.


7. Bhootnath Puja

        Themed on the fantasy place of Dholakpur, this puja pandal is a great attraction for kids. The pratima inside is very beautiful. 


8  8.    Lakhi Mandir, Beltola
Once you enter be prepared to rack your brains. The pratima here is different as compared to any other. Probably the organizers thought of putting in some depth  and perspective to the idols. Its open to interpretation but the idol imagery would linger in your mind surely.

9    9.       Narayanpur, Hengrabari Puja 
The gigantic Vishnu stands up tall and as you look up to it, you will surely start contemplating. Period. Enter inside, the pratima resides in the customary place showering blessings on one and all.



1 10.   B. K. Tower Puja, Ganeshguri
This turned out to be the wild card entrant and marked its entry into the big league of best Puja pandals. The pandal here is just amazing. We had never seen anything like this pandal. Shutterbugs and selfie queens this has got to be your Holy Grail. This has got to be ‘Penfreak’s special pick of 2017’

Complimentary one: Silpukhuri

So these were our top picks in this year’s Puja. We may have missed some of the Pujas which could have easily made it to the list. Some of the other Pujos that you can surely check out are Powerhouse, Kahilipara; American Colony, Pandu; Bamunimaidam Rail Colony, Kalibari.

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment and share your views. 

Pic Credits- Nikhilesh Ojah
Special thanks to- Pallab Dutta,  Sayantan Paul, Naba Raj Chetri, Sidharth Sharma                           

( The author is a 3rd year  MBBS student of Gauhati Medical College and is a featured writer at, he can be contacted in

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