Friday 24 November 2017

The song that was

The red looked beautiful on her,
So did the white,
But silver was her favourite-
For she loved the moon
And the moon loved her.
And me?
I fell in love
For the world she was.

The night was dressed in shades of grey,
Her eyes shone bright!
Was it she, or the neighbour's cat?
The darkness, sigh!
Let me tell you a secret; I am a wizard!

She was a firefly,
I was her night;
The last song she sang for me
-what was it?
I cannot remember;
And yet I fell in love
For the void she was.

The paint-brush whispered from behind the shelf,
I grabbed her,
I painted the moon black-
Or was it the clouds?

I trapped some sunshine in a bottle
And gifted it to her,
She took the bottle
But broke it the next day,
And I fell in love
For the chaos she was!


He was found in a dustbin
-they said;
He often cried for his mother
-they said;
He is schizophrenic
-they said!

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