Tuesday 7 November 2017

When darkness falls.

Pic for Representation purpose

Slowly, stealthily she creeps in, the dusk
Firmly, wearing a sombre black mask;
Quietness, descends upon the far hills, 
With the shutting down of windmills. 
The nocturnal world awakens, 
When her darkness falls, 
Wolves and bats, 
Owls and spirits, 
All roam in the dark.
A calm solitude envelopes the balmy earth, 
Stripping off its earlier joy and mirth;
The heart cries out in a soulful song, 
Remembering all that has gone woefully wrong. 
Her eerie presence brings with it
A strange emptiness, 
Creating a peculiar world, devoid of happiness;
An uncanny fear combined with grimness, 
Seems to grip the cosmos with bleakness. 
An unseen hand beckons me to follow the silence, 
Her voice eerily distant...
"come O' human, there's nothing for you here, 
Follow my trail, 
for life is filled only with dismal sadness",
it tries to tell me with deceptive softness. 
And as I rise to obey the chilling call, blindly, 
My weary eyes fall on the sky, 
I see as the starlit sky changes its hue, 
A soft golden light shining, 
And dawn chimes in. 
Realisation rises on me, belated 
Why!! A new day has begun, 
And the ruinous sorcereress  is nowhere to be seen. 
Her dark aura swept away by the gleaming sunrays. 
And now i know, that life is made of both day and night;
Where each takes a turn alternately, 
To change every wrong into right! 
But still..........
My heart says, she's still there
Waiting in the dark shadows of crevices, 
And when the chaos will begin, 
When there will be suffering and poison will spread, 
It is the dusk of desolation who'll smirk in the end..

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