Wednesday 17 January 2018


Pic Credit- Anwesha Saha.

I stutter, I stumble;
On some days, I sway along the breeze of your presence.
I sink in, I'm stifled;
At times I gulp down my own existence.

I choke on my words and my thoughts go astray,
But I don’t really mind.
The nights are long, the sceneries grey,
But I still do not mind. 

There are days on which I mock my own emotions,
My apathy consumes me in huge proportions. 
But maybe not as huge as my obsession,
Maybe not as perilous as this desperation. 

So, I have set my longings free;
I have calmed the storms in me. 
But you, my dear, will forever be
My unfinished poetry. 

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