Thursday 8 March 2018


I am quite grown up now, you see.
I’m catching up with the world with everything I have,
Holding on with all my strength
To sanity, to faith.
I’m quite grown up now.
All set to break free,
To take on this world with all my might.
Reckless, no, maybe not.
Rather, quite a sheepish little piece of survival.
I’m quite grown up now, believe me.
My thoughts are my own,
Pains and ambitions too.
My struggles my own,
Hopes and heartbreaks too. 
I’m quite grown up now,
And yet I feel lost when away from home.
I’m all grown up,
Yet my tears still taste of salt 
When they slip into my mouth
Through the gap between my lips.

Anwesha Saha

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