Sunday 6 May 2018

Hemingway On Harsh Days

--Anwesha Saha

Grated by harshness, drowned in falsehood
Feeling everything I shouldn’t, 
Finding no solace in the places I should;
I can’t even crawl back home, I can’t even rise.
Yet, I’m here. I’ll just be, though I can't fight. 
Foresaken, despite being surrounded by the crowd
Frightened, despite the smiles all around.

Did I just feel a little lighter?
The burden of pretentious happiness off my shoulders.
Did I hear muffled whispers?
No, my reality won’t lean on your lies any longer. 
I may not have a home, I may never rise. 
But I still am here. I’ll just be, that's my fight.

And I will just be, I will just try-
That is my only fight.
And you won’t even know my pain's depth or height.
You may have me battered and devastated,
Torn and twisted;
Love, you may have me destroyed, 

But never defeated.

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