Tuesday 25 September 2018

The Metallic Ode

(Image credits: Google)

(Dedicated to all the Engineers out there- the Architects of the Nation)

Alone I slept, 
Darkness all around me,
Deep inside Earth's womb,
Since all eternity.

I was but a lump of rock
Purposeless, Static. 
Then one day - 
Some magicians moulded me.

From the unending depths
I was brought to light,
Purified, washed and dressed
A purpose was bestowed on me.

Today - 
I am omnipresent. 
Making Buildings Stand
Making Bridges Rise
Building the World - 
That's my greatest prize.

I am the ship
Reaching out to the horizon
I am the space probe
Stretching Infinity and Beyond.

From the Submarine to the Space Station 
From Stethoscope to Surgical Clips
From Windmills to the LHC
From Nuclear Reactors to Computer Chips.

My presence is now Universal.

I am a Metallic Ore.

And those Magicians - Engineers.

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