Sunday 4 October 2015

Captured Captivations

- Himakshi Boro.

My eyes open from an unreal dream
Smiling at myself, I jump out of bed
Pack my bags and lock the door
A new day awaits for me.

I feel the sun's scorching heat
Hiding at times behind the clouds
I board the bus, take a seat
And my 'long journey' begins.

Scanning through the unknown faces
Some doleful and some glee
O how i wish I knew them all
Each of whom has their own unique story.

I hear the morning birds sing
Even in this busy road,
I see the mighty river flow
A beauty such that my eyes glow!

O how I pray this never ends
But now that I've reached my destination,
Glad I am that I filled another page
Of my splendid 'captured captivations'.

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