Saturday 3 October 2015

The Quest for Survival

- Denifar Anjum.

Horrified she was 
When the highland winds howled hysterically 
She was forced to freeze rather inevitably 
The eaglets were there 
In the nasty nest they lay 
Devoid of any meal, there were cries of dismay 
The babies straggled round their mother 
‘cause there was no other. 

Behold! She shivered 
As the thunder bashed the balky bay 
But she knew she had a destined way 
Mortified she was 
For she couldn’t store anything beforehand 
Alas! Now her beloved were starving 
In the barren deadly land. 

The rains grew fiercer, aggression was in 
The ghastly winds seemed screaming 
“Poor Eagle, you can never win!” 
But someone whispered, “Stop dreaming, 
And lunge at full throttle, old Mother 
Do vanquish these ghouls of nature 
Don’t alchemize, my love, into a naysayer creature 
Save, O Yahweh, the eaglets’ future” 

It was her inner voice 
Her willpower, perhaps, offered a choice 
She was adamant now, gone were those signs of sorrow 
She dared to devour death with utmost determination 
And set to hunt for prey with apt estimation. 

The Eagle opened her wings 
Overpassing the tornado rings 
The whirling winds tried to knock her down 
For a brief while, it did make her frown. 

Behold! A tough cookie she was 
As the cloud stood face to face 
She cut through’em, she flew with grace 
At last in the middle of a melancholic mire 
She spotted her prey with crude desire 
Then she glided down and pawed the poor mice 
They ceased to live after shrieking thrice. 

The Eagle’s heart began to pound 
Thanks to the thunder, there was no one around. 
She headed triumphantly 
Her way back home 
It went dark and serene 
And the isle had tiny foam. 
Hell’s hand had loosened its grip 
A brook cascaded nearby, she took a li’l sip. 

And there she was 
Finally to her eaglets 
Critical they were, with feathers 
Like pale torn leaflets. 
Mirthfully they had their share 
But they were pretty unaware 
Their Mother had tasted hell 
And left it spellbound 
Even death had bowed down 
And left her safe and sound. 
Here’s the end of her story 
And her act of valour 
That brought deep glory.

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