Thursday 29 October 2015

Red Stones near a Railway Track

- Vivek Sharma.

On a random day, I was standing in one corner, aside of cars and bikes, near the 7no railway post. A train was there, slowly moving towards the Guwahati station. From far back I heard a horn constantly beeping 'teeee teeee'. 'What a jerk!', I thought. It was a Grey coloured aviator coming from Panchali. It was rode by a fit and healthy marwari man, must be in his 40s, and an obese girl of 20s in the back. Something was wrong, it was all over the atmosphere. The man hit a Tata Minitruck and damped its bumper. Giving no attention to the Minitruck's driver and his abusive words, the girl on the back got off the 2-wheeler and starting walking towards the gate-post. The gates were down and the train was still moving but gaining speed. Her face was all red like she had been crying heavily. But when she passed pushing me aside, i looked at her face, she was very pretty but at that moment she was only expressionless, she was numb and lost in her some kind of pain and I heard her whispering to herself 'Mama.... Ma...' The man was running behind her with the face of a scared man. He must be her father who was scared of what her daughter was about to do. For a moment I thought of stopping her but I believed myself to be the kind of person who let people end their life out of the misery rather than who gave false hopes to people that everything would be fine and happy ever after. Living is too hard and painful, do the easy thing - die. But she wasn't committing suicide. The train's last cargo just passed the post. Everything went completely silent, all I heard was sound of running feets. About 20-30 people ran towards the left side of the tracks and formed a circle. The girl slowly went inside it with her father still running towards her and me following him. Suddenly the girl starting screaming. She was almost ripping her voice box to scream so loud. I have seen a couple of hundred horror movies but I never had such a shiver. I ran harder and pushed myself inside the circle between the strange crowd and saw a marwari woman of 40s in an orange saree lying on the track. She was ripped from her right shoulder till her lower abdomen. Must have been caught by the train while crossing the track carelessly. She was wearing heavy jewelries, no one stole them. No one dared to touch the dead woman. There was so much blood. Pieces of her lungs near my feet. Her last moments must have been terrible, drowning in her own blood in her half lungs. I bet she wasn't dead till the iron wheels broke her rib cage and sliced her heart. She died painfully. Her husband was grabbing their daughter in his arms just like he must have promised when she was born, 'I will always be there for you'. Yes, it is easy to die, but to see your loved ones dead; that's the most painful thing in this world. Everybody was curious how that happened. I was curious how her loved ones will live with such a horrifying dead. I can't imagine such a beautiful girl living her whole life in the sorrow of her mother's dead. I hope she would kill herself to peace.

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