Saturday 31 October 2015

Travelling Minds

- Snehal Deb.

Wondered of solitary bounty of nature?
Or the blue and serene red sea,
Schools of fishes jammed your mental view?
Then you breathe, are alive.
For genius minds did study,
The way we live, the thoughts in which we dive,
And did comment on our activity,
Our mind keeps travelling like bees out of hive.

Often we fail to focus,
Oregon and Arizona in mind’s locus.
It’s hard not to envisage,
Scenes and pleasures of previous coverage.
Streak of starlight we fail to notice,
‘Breaks’ from ‘social world’ we seldom practice.

Secrets of this travelling mind,
Sorry! Still not revealed.
Imaginable thesis can never find,
Underestimated mind made of which breed?

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