Sunday 15 November 2015


- Snehal Deb.

Behind the serene face, a fear lies.
Fear that trickles and hurts but never dies,
Scrapping all goodness and habits,
It takes me into its deadly presence.
Screwing the nerves, bending the emotions,
There by making me devoid of true happiness.

The growing fear is on a war footing,
Glitches and problems, it creates all day.
The cause of loose motion was not food poisoning,
Strange symptoms and hair fall in an uncommon way.
Feminine think only they experience these fears,
Researchers have proven how we also shed such tears.

Not to mention those friendly enemies,
Take your time and treat you like dummies.
Of course good and helpful ones are there,
Busy in their lives and family welfare.
When the sun of your life goes down,
Lies and betrayal is what you find here and there.

The slaughter, that fear and loneliness can cause,
Much more than a disease can cause in its discourse.
“You shouldn’t be negative” is one of those sounds,
Heard and responded like “life’s full of open wounds”.
Let me still dedicate these two lines away from fear,
In optimism and positiveness for future hoping it stays dear.

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