Wednesday 9 December 2015

A Desire

-Apoorva Tiwari

Away from reality
She was living alone.
Alone in silence,
Desiring a soul.

A soul of light & love
She desires..
Desires a way
That only God admires.

A reality, so narrow
Indulging all around.
She laughs, she cries
As she was not found.

Morning or mourning
A thing same for her
Not even a single soul
Was with her.

But, here she goes
Deciding to stand.
Stand for her reality
Holding, her own hand.

Out of the line
Unafraid of the crowd
Charisma of her heroism
Was read out loud.

Then she speaks
With soft, vivid tone.
Don't misjudge,
Power of alone.

And so is life.
My dear friend.
Afraid we are
No need to pretend.

Cast your world
With power of love cord
Follow your desires
No need of sword

You are one,
As she was before.
Even one out..
What God adores!!

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