Friday 29 January 2016

To the Tide

- Snehal Deb.

Pic credits: Shutterstock

I say this with my arms in the air
Standing by the majestic liquid infinite
I am just a drop in an ocean
Of ungrateful and selfish lives
Flesh and minted things, their greed.
To the tide, I breathe.

When I went to the temple,
The caged god was silent.
The meandering river directed me,
What you seek is ocean, violent.
It will guide you, teach you to be.
That's why to the tide, I rant.

This is what I believe in,
Am I right? obscure feelin'
The high rise waves must confess,
Things I don't know but possess.
For Frost had two, but I have many,
Roads and bridges to progress.

The silence in the mountains
Legend of valley's disdain
Wherever I paused to think,
Few loving souls held me in pain
Cursing those who forced me to the brink
To the tide, I wail. I cry.

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