Friday 19 February 2016


- Prakash Das.

It laid motionless
Its stillness shaking me
To the abode above
Was approaching he.

The pyre was set
With the voyager upon
Soar it will in no time
Like a lark or a heron.

Rituals stepped in
And attired him in flame
Aid befooled; agony came
At the moment same.

Tamed emotions
Discovered an outlet
Endless sea poured
Droplet after droplet.

The ablaze thing
Drew out the visions
Of gloom and gleam
Ah! Delirious emotions!

The chain of kin was
Set firmly haywire
With each sobbing drop
With each chuckling fire.

A demon was dead
Of who I was fond
Joined will forever be
This man and the man beyond!

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