Sunday 14 February 2016

Your Scent

- Snehal Deb.

Your scent is what I love to feel,
As if my own version of marijuana.
Oh! Takes me to a lovely land,
Where joy and pleasure go hand in hand.
And when you not in vision’s range,
Your scent still sparkles like a wand.

I do hear you scent with a smile.
I do see your sweet voice with a tinge of pride.
I can sense your cute smile and after a while.
I say “Your scent is what I love to feel,
Desired medicine for past’s wounds to heal.”

The moment you seriously thinking,
Funny isn’t it? The way my grammar is playing,
O dear! Let me tell you something,
Am nether insane nor flattering,
It’s just silent truth pouring,
“Your scent ... A reason for my well-being.”

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