Thursday 11 February 2016


- Jitupan Talukdar.

Pic credits: Shutterstock

Like a kite with a broken string,
Was the story of mine...
Wandering on the path of life,
Unsure of how long I'd survive.

Still somewhere inside me,
There was a little life remaining...
I realised that I am still alive,
As my body kept on breathing.

Like the smile of an angry kid,
That came back on a little cajoling...
As if some comfort applied on those year-old wounds,
Something like that, is what my heart is feeling.

As if the body that was burning,
Got the shade of a tree...
Some tenacity, is there in this moment,
Now that my soul felt free.

A new voice calls me from inside,
Why is the worry for tomorrow troubling?
Such prickle is there in this moment,
Unsure, whether should I kiss the joys, or cry a little?

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