Friday 18 September 2015

Unknown Death

- Rojika.

I walk down the road.
This darkness surrounds me.
A river of blood
Continues to flow silently.
Nobody knows how; nobody knows why;
Who will be the one to standby?
She sits in a corner helplessly.
Deceived by her dreams mercilessly.
She sacrifices herself cowardly
For a justice lacking maturity.
A face beneath another face
Haunts her in every way.
A bitter truth is when
The Saint has decided not to pray.
The innocent child with a gun
Dies before he can feel alive.
The evil plans of the devils
Make honest love hard to survive.
The eyes filled up with hatred,
The hopes that have been wasted
Keeps on rising the death
With a reason that never existed.
Failing to develop self-esteem
Before the light of life turns dim,
The wrong wins over right very fast.
Ultimately, the truth remains covered with dust.

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