Saturday 2 April 2016


- Naba Raj Chetri.

Martians let us all rejoice:
For we have come to an island in the ocean of the cosmos.
Leaving our earthly brothers and sisters;
Leaving all the salvations of the world, we embarked on a journey.

Yes, we owe them a lot

Streams flowing, birds chirping, we surely gonna miss.
But being among the first Martians is always a bliss.
Imagine how we got this far;

Just a few years ago, we were gazing at the stars.
Yes, we owe them a lot

Bloody red is our planet Mars:
Craters and canyons are in its all parts.

Surrounding us is just red fine sand;
From "Olympus Mons" to "Valle's Mariners" we will explore it all.
Yes, we owe them a lot.

We will all toil with our hands and heart;
For we all share a common destiny,
In the fourth farthest planet from the sun, we come for them.
There are people cheering for us for the future of the human race.
Yes, we owe them a lot

From Planeum Boreum to Planeum Australe,
Human race will flourish in all.
Let's work together to create a habitable Mauroville;
In a land where the best of men are sent.
Let victory! Victory! victory! be ours.

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