Thursday 24 March 2016

Wolf Story

- Snehal Deb.

Pic credits: flickr

As time went by, he thought and cried,
Things he lost, wounds that never dried,
Small business, no risk of life,
But fate planned a very harsh strife.

One bright sunny day, he locked his shop,
Armed with daggers, away they shroud,
As he moved, they planned to pound,
Then came the rain, fate readied for one more round.

For them, the day wasn't a waste,
Followed till home, he went without haste,
Thunders warned him, Unaware he went,
Blunders await him, fate had anger to vent.

Doomsday arrived, he went for business,
Fate moved in, kids taken by them,
Neighbor witnessed doom, called him,
Too late it was, a letter brought mayhem.

"Raise voice on us, we kill your kids,
Wolves let loose, we hunt for your ribs"
Breaking down, he called police,
Officer had tea, no word, no solace!

His mere crime, mute protest,
Mafia wanted his shop, at minister's behest,
The uniformed men tiptoed, was no arrest,
He left the land, thought it was best.

Gruesome pain, pricked him from inside,
The only parent lost two kids, left countryside,
Helpless beings in helpless fate's bout,
This is all 'wolf story' is about

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