Sunday 22 May 2016

Meet Julia Vins: The Muscle Barbie

- Pratap Kumar Das.

Impressed?? Shocked?? Or Mystified??

Call her the lady hulk, muscular Barbie or a stunning supergirl. A small glimpse of her is enough to catch your attention. Beautiful Russian girl Yulia Viktorovna Vins, or Julia Vins as she is known in the online bodybuilding and powerlifting communities, was born on 21st May, 1996 in the city of Engels, Russia. She is a powerlifter who is going viral all over the net.

Russia and countries of the former USSR have their share of beautiful ladies who have shot to fame—most notably Maria Sharapova, Valeria Lukyanova and Anzhelika Kenova amongst many others. But Julia takes it several notches higher. She may have the face of a cute, fragile porcelain doll, but her massive arm and leg muscles are enough to put most men to shame.

It all began one day when this gorgeous girl felt she had to protect herself and to feel confident she enthusiastically started visiting the gym. Julia has been engaged in powerlifting since September 2012.

At her own website , she says—‘Initially, I set a goal to become stronger, because I have absolutely no confidence in myself. At first, I just went to the gym, for a year worked without a program, and in September 2012 I had the opportunity to engage in powerlifting, and this year was fruitful enough, in terms of sporting achievement. I started going to the gym at my new school. There was only a coach in powerlifting and kettlebell lifting. I did not like kettlebell lifting, because I wanted to harmoniously develop my body.’ And since then there has been no looking back for Julia.

Here are some shots of how she pumps it out during her workouts. You got the adrenaline flowing in our veins dear.


Although there is no dearth of admirers, Julia admits there are those who criticize her choice in life and tell her she is ruining her body. She tries to ignore such comments. ‘I do what I want to see for myself, and this is my life. Also it’s impossible to please everybody. There will always be people who respect my choice, or simply to adequately explain why they do not like, and its unfortunate that nothing in this life is achieved easily. I am following my dream.’
She is definitely one tough chic.

Julia believes that women should be tough and shouldn’t be considered meek. She believes that her pursuit is gonna inspire many girls to be able to take a stand on their own. Salute to you Julia for carving a niche in something which women at one time only dreamt of.


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