Monday 23 May 2016

Basic Personality Development Tips

- Manisha Malhotra.

What makes us click? What is that one thing that makes people look at us and think,Damn, I wanna talk to this person.
No. It’s not just a pretty face.
It’s our personality.

Have you heard the above sentence in straight forward or slightly dubious ways?
Yeah well. It happens to the best of us.
Many a times we are surrounded by people or situations that require us to behave in a certain manner and we have absolutely no idea how to do that.
Do I hold the spoon this way? Shall I place the fork back? Oh dear, salmon? Am I supposed to cut it down or sideways?

This iconic scene from my favourite movie series has got everything to do with wizards, manners and food. I love Ronald Weasley. I absolutely adore his na├»ve and silly way of looking at things but in this scene, as cute as he is, boy you ain’t got no manners! Were I to be at a corporate dinner or were some aristocrat or even some SoHo family were to invite me to dinner and should I eat the chicken this way. I’d be dead.

This is what people sitting with me would probably think. It isn’t just dining etiquette. There’s phone manners and the way you speak, walk, move and all that there is to your exterior appearance as well as interior.
Yes. You read it right. Personality includes interior traits as well. So here’s a quick guide to exuding confidence a great personality.
1. Be positive.

I know. I know. There are some days where we just wake up feeling groggy, tired and as if it just isn’t our day.
We’ve got to deal with it. From the moment we get out of bed to the one where get back into it, we should be able to keep up our positive vibes.
Vibes are real. If we are positive and happy, people around us will feel that. They’ll smile just by looking at that broad smile on our faces!

2. Dress Well.

No. I don’t expect everybody to wake up looking like Serena Van Der Woodsen or Blair Waldorf. Nobody wakes up a high end chic blogger.
But you can make it your day! Open your closet and pull out what makes you comfortable. I wouldn’t ask you to simply wear pyjamas but make an effort. Look good and you’ll feel good!
Don’t overdo fashion on a daily basis. Yes, it is important to look good but in my opinion, keep it classy and simple.

3. Be Polite.

Being nice isn’t going to kill you. Trust me, everybody likes polite people. It’s not just about not using swear words. It is about having a general mannerism in speaking to people. Once we learn to not react but act, we will automatically learn how to be polite.
Just a little thank you, a little “please” before asking for something. It makes you a better person.

4. Open your mind.

Open your mind to possibilities. Open it to people. Let thoughts flow. Let good energy flow through.
Another aspect of this is that we must always learn to accept situations. It isn’t necessary to be negative and constantly cursing our luck. We should accept things and deal with them.
And if there’s a person who’s different than what you are, it is important to make them feel accepted. I’m not saying that if somebody’s doing pot in front of you, you go join them. But don’t make them feel like a total outsider.
This adds to your personality.

5. Read.

I cannot stress on this point enough. It is extremely important to read go build ones aptitude. A book a day keeps dumbness away!
People with slow understanding or even the ones who cannot understand simple quotes from classic or popular books are a big turn off for many people! One can, in fact, build their respect in the community just by reading enough books. Let me tell you one thing people, if you shy away from reading, whether it is books, magazines or even newspapers, it’ll be difficult for you to find common ground with people in your fields who’ve got significant achievements to their credit.
So anybody who’s somebody in their field, reads.
Trust me. They read a lot. In fact, some even write.

That’s all the rambling I’m going to do for today. But yeah, definitely let me know in the comments below if you liked this post, I can follow up with more.
Questions and suggestions are welcome.


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