Sunday 23 October 2016

Stop Brain Shaming: Debunking Mental illness.

- Apoorva Tiwari

Everything seemed to go wrong! I am always scared of crowd! I am an "Emotional wreck" everytime my deficit played up! My family pressurizes me for perfection! My relationship is not working out and I find myself chained!   

Above mentioned problems may sound silly for some, but they are more common than we realise. Sometimes in life we are stuck at a situation and feel we don't have a direction to live through...  Life is not always the same when somebody goes through a mental illness or any trauma. One's emotions are at doldrums...

Mental illness: Facts and figures.

Mental health is one of the most misunderstood, most feared problems today and is often stigmatised by society due to lack of knowledge and research. 1 in 5 adults experiences a mental health condition every year. 1 in 20 individuals lives with a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Also globally more than 350 million people experience depression alone. So we can say that it is as common as physical illness and we are all vulnerable.

Let's uncover the prevalent issues of depression, anxiety, suicide etc, and I have tried focusing  more on the solutions than the problems.

When it comes to defining mental health... it is emotional, behavioural, and social maturity or normality.

Our body tells a lot about our mental health. It responds to the way you think, feel and act. Mind and body, both are connected. Here are some changes.

1.Tension in your upper back.
2. Feeling butterflies in your stomach.
3. Throbbing head.
4. Choking throat.
5. Dreaming 3-4 times more than normal.
If you find any of the above on a regular basis than you really need to take your steps with care. However, the cause can be any of the mental illness or may not be!

 Most common cause of this illness

1. Stress- It is not at all useless. It helps us to stay focused, energetic and alert and charges us by releasing chemicals that adds strength and energy. As they say too much of anything is Bad, likewise excess stress damages mood, health, productivity, relationships and quality life.

2. Anxiety- it is a feeling of fear, worry or nervousness you experience when you are about to do soemthing challenging or take a life changing decision. People having this are more likely to commit mistakes even when everything seems to be alright.
They are stressed out, irritated, lack in concentration, fearful and may experience apprehensions and tremors.

3. Depression- It is not just a feeling of sadness . Sadness and depression are quite apart. Depression lasts for longer duration than sadness. 25% of people affected by depression do not consult a doctor and have been known to suffer silently.
Depression is usually accompanied with a feeling of sadness or unhappiness, change in appetite or weight, loss of interest in activities and filled with thoughts of dying.

Common symptoms associated.

Physical symptoms- pain, diarrhoeas or constipation, nausea, dizziness, chest pain, palpitations, frequent colds.
Behavioural symptoms- Eating more or less
Sleeping too much or too less.
Isolating oneself.
Procrastinating things.
Nervous habits (e.g. Nail biting, pacing).
Suicidal feelings: Feeling of guilt, hopelessness and despair can build when people don't take steps to cope with stressors.

Statistics shows that 10% of college students has thought about or made a plan to commit suicide.

But it is not necessary these problems and their complications will persist life long. You can put it to an end. It is possible to overcome the condition, all it takes is a little will power and some help!


Causes of mental illness

We can not give a definite cause for why someone gets stressed . Different people react differently to their problems in life. The stimulus may be external or internal.

External causes- Major life changes, work, school, financial problems, Being too busy, relationships difficulties, children and family.
Internal causes- chronic worry, pessimism, negative self talk, overthinking, unrealistic expectations, rigid thinking, all or nothing attitude.

Remedial measures 

If you have someone close suffering from these mental issues then start taking care of them as it requires a lot of understanding and love on your part. Its important to give them your patience and acceptance of the situations. Stop neglecting things saying everyone has bad days. Give unconditional emotional support for the depressed, desperate and the suicidal.
And for the people who are actually suffering. You need to ask yourself where you are, what are you doing. Talk to your family and close friends who can guide you. Make short goals and improve your lifestyle.
Eat healthy, stop junk foods.
Take up an activity, do something which relaxes you for eg. music or try to meditate.
Take proper sleep.
Call loved ones, Go for a walk, do regular physical exercise..

Friends might have treated you wrongly or maybe your family members just seemed to be hostile or something different. Stop thinking so much. Initially you may find it hard to deal but don't give up. Don't lose the ambition that accompanies youth, the electrifying excitement and the natural highs. Don't lose any of it.

Medical helps are available for those who can not deal with them at all. If you are under any psychiatric treatment...adhere to your medications, check your thoughts, control your environment, avoid crowded and noisy places, keep yourself away from drugs and alcohol, seek spirituality and keep consulting your doc time to time.

Medical counselling is also available both in private institutes and in government hospitals. You need to feel free sharing your problems and believe that he/she will definitely understand.

You are your own boss!!!!

Best person who is capable of dealing with your problems is you yourself. Start motivating yourself. There will be many years for retrospection, for regret, for second guessing your decisions, but we haven't gotton there yet. Imagine what it will feel like, if being 20 feels like this. Growing older, life is asking for more and more hardships and time as well as priority to go higher. If we feel so old and jaded than what's the old age for? 

Believe, have faith, have hope and anticipation. Be excited about the world and life that you're going to live in. Visit places, meet people cause you will always remember the stories you created there. Feel all the beauties, the sun, the moon, romance, passion. So dream a little and love with all your heart. When all your dreams, your plans are shattered, search among the wreckage. You may find something useful from amongst them.

Try rearranging  things correctly. This will ignite a spark, a  spark of HOPE .Next time you will be able to fight more powerfully as now you have something positive in you, and that positivity is a Hope!.

There are many people who proved to be a hero of their own story, with their will power and hope they found a way to come out of all these depressing and different thoughts. They were able to choose their thoughts and they chose positivity. See positive and everything around you will be positive.

Feel special! Everyone is born with something special. Start uncovering it with your skills. Engage yourself in things which make you happy. Happiness  relaxes you, releases chemicals in your body which lightens your brain..plan your day in books, and feel free.

A free flying bird with a determined heart can never be caged in any chamber.
A better life is waiting for you! Have a smile now because you are going to make it.

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