Wednesday 1 February 2017


Ananya Das.

Daughter, wife, mother, all the roles that you play,
Breaking away stereotypes that is keeping you away,
You shine like a star in the darkest of night,
Gosh! Naah, you actually are the sun, the origin of life!

Although you are judged every single day,
Living with a feeling of melancholy you always fight it away,
You fall, you drown, you die each day,
Just for others for whom you always pray!

Forgiveness is the word, everyone will say.
Alas, they forget, you too have to stay,
Come woman, leave this misery, come this way.
I'll hold you up and show you the way..
As the beauty of the woman is felt by an woman herself,
I'll give you my hand and make you free,
Bring out your pain and share it with me.
Tell me your thoughts and I shall give you a good mind,
Give me your hand and we'll leave all the bad times behind,
But promise me dear, you shall have a life one of your own, where the decisions you make will be your own.

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