Friday 17 March 2017


Sweet my home I would feel where free,
Near the river, under a tree
And yeah that’s the place where I feel free.
My life-my axe,

My wife…my daughter, my son where they play
And yeah that’s the place where I relax.
Hard my life people find,
But with joy I spend my time.
With little hope and nature.
We built our home with immense pleasure.

And once I went gathering wood,
To pay family little food.
The door was closed, children out,
But the window revealed everything about.
My faith was lost in dreadful desert,
And I stood still and hid myself.
He dressed himself and went away.
She saw nothing and nothing could I say.

Days passed and sweetness prevailed.
On the 19th day she confronted me,
“I found your footsteps behind you hid
And yet you told me nothing about your unfaithful.
I want to know the reason for this.”
“Oh love of life, I live for thee,
But two little souls also persist.
I can snatch myself from my love,
But how can I do so to my children love.
Had they known their mother’s treachery,
Never would have they believed in anything motherly.”

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